Case Study - Relyon

Renowned for creating the best beds in the world, Relyon have a reputation that has been earned and protected for over 150 years.

Relyon now employs nearly 500 people in bed manufacturing and is firmly established as one of the leading UK bed manufacturers.

Solving a payments problem

Many companies use third party resellers as a cost-effective route to market. However, it can prove difficult to reward these salespeople by bank transfer.

This is where B4B Payments can help with timely and secure dispersal of funds. We work with Relyon and other companies to ensure that their resellers are compensated seamlessly through the B4B system. Time and again.

From selling beds and mattresses to asset finance, B4B can provide the solution to pay external salesforces.

We use B4B Payments to reward our network of stockists up and down the country. B4B provide a simple to use system which allows us to repeatedly pay incentives to salespeople with a minimum of fuss. I'm really happy with the service B4B provides us with.
Alan Chapman, Financial Director, Relyon Ltd

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