B4B Payments launches B4B product

03 Feb 2014

B4B Payments is pleased to announce the launch of B4B. A unique prepaid card offering businesses an alternative way to make and manage business related expenses.

Every HR / Payroll team faces problems running their department and in the consistent enforcement of policies across the organisation in general.

Our B4B Prepaid Mastercard is a solution designed to support and streamline business operations. The centralised management of accounts supports the creation of an audit trail, it allows the account holder to track employee expenses, manage payroll and budget for forthcoming years.

Paul Swinton, CEO of B4B Payments commented: "We are really looking forward to creating a positive impact on a variety of industries this year. As we climb out of the recession now is a unique time for companies to start looking for innovative ways to save money and keep employees happy."
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