Corporate Incentives

Incentives for employees, partners and customers

Incentives can be a powerful tool in changing behaviours internally and externally. Offering your employees or partners a reward for achieving a sales target or delivering great customer service enables you to recognise outstanding performance and encourages others to go the extra mile.

Our Mastercard® prepaid cards, which can also feature your own branding, are accepted globally in millions of locations so you can be sure that your incentive program will appeal to everyone.

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An appealing incentive that gets results
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Build Your Brand

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A simple corporate incentive programme could enable you to:

Recruit and motivate staff

Increase conversions

Build repeat business

Incentivise your referral base


Motivate and inspire results

B4B Corporate Incentive cards will excite and motivate your employees and partners. Unlike some traditional gift cards that can only be spent at a small number of retailers, your B4B cards can be spent at over 35 million locations worldwide where Mastercard payments are accepted.

Much more than a gift card

B4B Corporate Incentive cards are fully featured Mastercard prepaid cards. That means they can be used just like debit cards to make payments in store, online or to withdraw cash from an ATM.

A powerful way to build your brand

Personalise cards with your logo and colours to help employees and partners develop a positive association with your brand every time they redeem their rewards. Also, including your branding on a card featuring the trusted Mastercard symbol can add credibility and prestige to your own brand.

Flexible options for card management

Cards can be delivered to your office or directly to cardholders' homes. Alternatively, you can order unpersonalised cards in bulk and issue them to employees and partners when you choose using our secure online management portal - putting you in total control.

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