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B4B Payments & MediHelp International

MediHelp International works with B4B cards to streamline the insurance claims process

About MediHelp

MediHelp International is a market leader in private health insurance offering premium service and support, and a wide range of private health insurance products for individuals and companies. 

With offices in Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Bulgaria, and with top medical partners, MediHelp International successfully combines international health insurance coverage with international medical assistance for the benefit of its clients.

For over 18 years, MediHelp has revolutionised the health insurance market by creating and developing unique solutions tailored to best serve its clients and partners.

The situation

The insurance claims process is not only lengthy and can cause stress for customers who are already dealing with the aftermath of an accident or disease, but it is also costly and inefficient, as it requires a large amount of manual work. 

After an unpleasant event, the people involved, and the insurance company want to return to normal as soon as possible without any delay during the claiming process.

Health insurance providers such as MediHelp are looking to streamline this process so that it is more efficient, and B4B Payments offer a simple and fast method of distributing funds that works for both Medihelp and their policyholders. 

Previously, Medihelp’s process was very labour intensive and, by using banks, expensive too. Customers had to manually fill in paper forms, which needed to be processed.

By utilising B4B’s system, Medihelp’s customers can be both pre-authorised for expenditure whilst taking advantage of a much slicker post-expenditure process. 

The solution

MediHelp was looking for a better solution for its customers to use their health insurance plan and B4B cards were the perfect answer.

B4B cards provide a hassle-free solution for customers navigating lengthy insurance claims procedures and unprecedented delays, with funds transferred easily, eliminating the stress of tedious paperwork and minimising waiting time. This can be particularly important when medical expenses have been approved.

“The onboarding process was not complicated with B4B. After we signed the contract, we were set up on the B4B system and received training on their platform and then we were ready to go!” says Laura Afrăsine, Medihelp’s Executive Manager. “Our customers are very happy that they are now able to pay for their medical costs with Medihelp’s funds using the virtual card installed in their wallet which can be linked to Apple or Google Pay.”

The benefits

By leveraging B4B solutions MediHelp International is setting itself apart with advanced features, cutting-edge innovation and superior customer service in order to remain on the leading edge of the competition while keeping customers happy and engaged.

Medihelp believes they differentiate itself from its competitors by leveraging the process innovation made available by B4B’s system. “The most significant achievement for our business was the recognition of our customers and the fact that we could come to them with a creative and innovative solution,” says Laura.

Medihelp is looking forward to working further with B4B in the future and extending the partnership into other countries and potentially, other currencies.

B4B Account Director says, “This is a good example of a successful partnership where B4B uses its technical expertise to solve a real-life process issue for the benefit of both the partner and their ultimate customers.”

Tim Robson