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Transforming Travel Finances: Acacia Africa’s Decade-Long Partnership with B4B Payments


Initially recommended to B4B by a former supplier, Acacia is Africa, is a premier provider of diverse holiday experiences in Africa. They have partnered with B4B Payments and used their financial services for nearly a decade. Offering a range of tours, from professional camping overland adventures to small group safaris, Acacia Africa’s success story demonstrates the innovation of travel finances with Card and Payment Solutions.

Financial Flexibility and Risk Management:

The traditional challenges of tour guides carrying large sums of money were significantly mitigated by adopting B4B’s card and payment platform. This not only reduced operational risks but also enhanced accounting accuracy for Acacia Africa.

The expense cards allow Acacia Africa to quickly distribute funds to tour leaders out on the road. The cards facilitate seamless access to cash through local ATMs, card transactions, and online payments. The B4B platform is particularly helpful in mitigating risk. Cards can both be loaded and unloaded instantaneously, providing certainty and safety to both tour guides and the funds. 

In a recent incident, Acacia Africa withdrew funds from a card due to a tour leader’s unexpected illness. They quickly transferred the budget to the replacement leader.

Real-Time Monitoring and Control:

A pivotal aspect of Acacia Africa’s success with B4B Payments lies in the platform’s real-time monitoring capabilities. The ability to instantly track expenditures provides Acacia Africa with immediate insights into tour leaders’ spending. This newfound control eliminates the need to chase receipts weeks after a trip concludes, offering a more streamlined and accountable financial management process.

It’s flexible, and it makes things far less risky. And it’s better for accounting because I can see when and where the money is spent, and that’s important,” Vivian McCarthy, the Director of Acacia Africa, says.

B4B’s Dedicated Account Management:

Acacia Africa also highlights the importance of having a dedicated account manager as a key component of successful partnerships with B4B Payments. The need for swift assistance, especially during critical situations. This collaboration aspect has proven crucial in ensuring effective communication and problem resolution.Having a dedicated account manager who understands both the client and the client’s industry is a key value driver for B4B Payments,” says Tim Robson, B4B’s Director of Accounts.


Acacia Africa’s case exemplifies the transformative impact of B4B Payments on travel finances. The seamless integration of innovative payment solutions has not only addressed traditional challenges but has also positioned Acacia Africa for sustained success in the dynamic landscape of African tourism. The partnership is a testament to the importance of real-time financial management and dedicated account support in the travel industry.

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Juni Accelerates Global E-commerce Growth Through B4B’s Bin Sponsorship


Swedish startup Juni was listed as 2021’s fastest-growing fintech startup in Europe. With a goal of eliminating common challenges faced by e-commerce businesses, Juni provides a financial platform that gives them complete visibility and control over their cash flow with a unified view of multi-currency business accounts, corporate virtual cards and flexible credit with unparalleled insights and analytics – all in one place. 

Since 2022, Juni has leveraged B4B Payments’ BIN sponsorship service to power its prepaid Mastercard card proposition and make it easy for businesses to keep track of their finances across multiple platforms. By partnering with B4B, they can ensure compliance, strengthen our presence in the UK, and enhance scalability. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to empowering FinTech innovators and established players alike, fostering a more inclusive and efficient financial landscape for SMEs.

B4B: Full digital payment solutions within one provider

B4B Payments stands out by providing a full range of financial services as a regulated Electronic Money Institution (EMI) in the UK and Lithuania. As a Principal Member of Mastercard Europe and a partner of VISA Inc in the USA.

Following Brexit, many pan-European fintechs that operate in the UK have been impacted by the change in regulation. Therefore, teaming up with Banking-as-a-Service(BaaS) providers, like B4B, ensures they can still provide the unwavering compliance, security, and quality service we pride ourselves on.

Strategic partnerships take businesses to the next level.

The partnership between Juni and B4B Payments is a significant step towards achieving our mission of empowering businesses with practical and secure financial management solutions. By leveraging B4B Payments’ licensed capabilities in the UK, they can navigate the complexities of the post-Brexit regulatory environment while maintaining the highest security and compliance standards for their valued customers.

Samir El-Sabini, Co-founder and CEO of Juni, highlighted the benefits of partnering with B4B. 

“We have a long-standing partnership with B4B, primarily in the UK, that has enabled us to scale Juni and continue our fast-paced growth while, most importantly, giving our customers more value when using our platform. Through B4B, we’ve launched both new currencies and cards, and we’re looking forward to building out our offering in 2024.”

Paul Swinton, CEO of B4B Payments, also shared, 

“We’re delighted that we supported bringing the Juni prepaid Mastercard to market at its early stage and to see our payment solutions leveraged innovatively to empower e-commerce and digital marketing entrepreneurs. As an established fintech firm ourselves, we’re excited to be part of Juni’s continued success, and we look forward to working closely with them to achieve their ambitious roadmap.”   

Future: Power any idea to the global market:

Utilising BaaS, companies can seamlessly embed financial services from B4B’s Banking Stack and License, fostering innovation. This streamlined approach reduces operational costs, enhances the customer experience, and accelerates the development of the fragmented B2B FinTech Market. Startups can scale rapidly, delivering exceptional customer value and addressing underserved markets more effectively.

The partnership with Juni exemplifies B4B’s Bin Sponsorship, facilitating global growth post-Brexit, accelerating the development of the B2B FinTech market, and removing barriers and costs for unserved markets, allowing SMEs to grow quickly and at a low cost without compromising quality.

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Innovating Employee Benefits: the postcode restriction payout card

Beyond Payment Solutions

ICP Transaction Solutions GmbH, a prominent player in electronic transaction solutions in Europe, specialising in the prepaid, lifestyle, and loyalty sectors, has evolved into an internationally recognised company since its founding in 2000. With a transaction volume exceeding €1 billion, ICP serves various industries and is a founding member of the German Prepaid Association. ICP is a company of Digital Reload Holding GmbH and operates under the umbrella brand Digital Reload

Partnering with B4B to support Tax-Free Benefits for employees

In 2019, recognising the potential of offering regional benefit cards/employee cards, ICP sought the expertise of B4B Payments. Lacking financial institution licenses, ICP collaborated with B4B to introduce personalised and geographically limited payout cards. B4B Payments guided ICP through compliance checks, set up accounts and clients in the portal, and managed the card ordering and shipping process. The partnership extended to top-notch customer service and effective partner management, allowing ICP to offer tax-free non-cash benefits to employees through branded payout cards.

The Innovation: Quick Response to Client Requests:

B4B’s diverse card types with customised designs cater to ICP’s clients’ needs. For example, one of ICP’s clients wanted the card to be eligible for a specific region in Germany to boost the local market. The B4B team developed bespoke postcode restrictions to fulfil this client’s particular request. ICP also successfully implemented a German portal via API mirroring B4B’s, further enhancing their value proposition and branding capabilities with clients. 

Future Goals and Collaboration:

B4B successfully onboarded a new client in Bavaria with 3000 employee cards this year. Building on this,  ICP plans to diversify its card offering, attract more clients, and use B4B’s expertise in different sectors to expand the partnership in Germany.

Alexandra Ruth, the Key Account Manager from ICP, says, “ICP highly recommends B4B Payments and acknowledges their professionalism, reliability, and product flexibility while maintaining high-security standards. We’re very happy with B4B’s account management support in helping us build the partnership, especially Tim and Zvez.”

In Summary:

The collaboration between ICP and B4B Payments has not only addressed a critical business need but has also paved the way for innovative employee benefit solutions, offering tax-free non-cash benefits seamlessly. This partnership proves to be a cornerstone for ICP’s growth and success in the electronic transaction landscape, highlighting the transformative impact of B4B’s payment solutions.

“I’m excited to be working with ICP,” says Tim Robson, B4B Account Director. “Their growth plans mirror our own; we both want to grow in the German market, and I look forward to expanding this collaboration across different sectors.”

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Transforming Insurance Operations: IMG’s Partnership with B4B

In the fast-paced realm of insurance, quick solutions are essential for sustained success. IMG (International Medical Group), a leading provider of global travel and health safety solutions, is famous for its commitment to superior customer service and continuous improvement. By leveraging B4B’s payment services, it sheds light on how prepaid cards have redefined both customer experience and operational efficiency.

Evolution and Innovation:

IMG is a global insurance benefits and assistance services company that has served millions of members worldwide since its founding in 1990. IMG, renowned for its service and responsiveness to policyholders, offers a wide range of insurance programs, including international private medical insurance and travel medical insurance. IMG also provides enterprise services, including insurance administrative services and 24/7 emergency medical, security, and travel assistance. 

The Partnership with B4B:

Starting in 2022, B4B and IMG joined together in a partnership to provide cards to employees to assist policyholders in trouble, primarily in motor and health insurance. IMG uses B4B’s award-winning portal, a tool that empowers them to offer assistance in three currencies, catering to the diverse locations of their employees, clients and policyholders.

Example Case:

In emergencies, the prepaid card provided by B4B becomes a lifeline, allowing IMG employees to make urgent payments for repairs or medical fees promptly. The card ensures swift assistance during critical moments. 

Furthermore, the seamless integration of B4B’s services allows IMG to effortlessly track all incident-related expenses, providing transparency that streamlines financial oversight and ensures compliance—a critical aspect in the insurance industry.

Efficiency and Instantaneous Solutions:

One of the key highlights of the partnership is the seamless integration of B4B’s services into IMG’s operations. Ben Halbert, Head of Business Solutions and Operational Support at IMG, emphasises the value of B4B’s services in facilitating instant and targeted financial assistance. 

“Our partnership with B4B has allowed us to offer new services to our clients and means that we can pay providers promptly, ensure that policyholders are not unnecessarily out of pocket and provide a superior customer journey,” says Ben Halbert, the Head of Business Solutions and Operational Support at IMG.

B4B’s Role in the Insurance Industry:

Beyond meeting IMG’s immediate needs, B4B is pivotal in supporting the broader insurance industry. By providing cards for instant payouts to service providers, B4B contributes to a more streamlined and customer-centric insurance ecosystem.


“The IMG and B4B partnership is a growing collaboration which shows how we can jointly help the insurance sector with payments,” says B4B Account Director Tim Robson. By leveraging B4B’s prepaid card, IMG has not only enhanced its operational efficiency but has also elevated the overall customer experience.

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B4B & OneMoneyWay support SMEs, offering affordable banking solutions

The Danish SME Payments Specialists.

OneMoneyWay is a Danish FinTech Startup that has partnered with B4B to offer SME’s payment services. They aim to simplify corporate payments for small businesses, eliminating the lengthy processes and high costs typically associated with opening a corporate bank account in Denmark.

Partnering with B4B Payments to Navigate Regulatory Challenges.

As a FinTech company operating in a highly regulated environment, OneMoneyWay faced numerous challenges to become a fully licensed entity. However, by partnering with B4B, they have found a speedy route to market. They have navigated the complexities of regulations and payment technologies, while ensuring compliance and ethical conduct.

Oliver Bentzen, CEO of OneMoneyWay, highlights the benefits with B4B. 

Now that B4B has become part of the Banking Circle Group, they’re able to offer an even wider array of financial services. Unlike other providers focus on payments only, FX only, cards only, B4B can provide everything for the new generation of FinTechs.

B4B Payments are especially skilled in the field of compliance where they truly outpace their competition, for us that means our clients get onboarded much faster than our competitors and that makes us an attractive solution to end customers. “

OneMoneyWay streamlined onboarding and affordable banking solutions.

Together, OneMoneyWay has shortened the onboarding time from 3-6 months to 2-6 weeks with a much lower monthly fee. OneMoneyWay has leveraged B4B Payments’ comprehensive range of financial services, including payments, FX, and the possibility of card issuing capabilities. Therefore, now they can offer a full-fledged banking experience to small and midsize businesses. 

OneMoneyWay tailored Financial Services with B4B’s technology.

Using B4B’s Embedded Finance Services and API integration, OneMoneyWay can tailor its offerings to suit the clients’ needs. They provide SMEs with a simplified and user-friendly financial platform with DKK, SEK, EUR, USD and GBP accounts. Through these accounts, B4B has payment services in both local rails and to 25+ currencies through SWIFT & NACHA.

By incorporating B4B’s Embedded Finance Services into its product and service offerings OneMoneyWay enhances their ultimate client value proposition. 

B4B Payments’ robust and secure API has a perfect use case here. OneMoneyWay integrates with B4B’s platform and select the specific banking provisions that suit their needs,” says B4B Director of Accounts Tim Robson. This flexibility allows them to work with regulatory demands and provide their clients with a simplified and user-friendly financial platform.

Scaling Success: OneMoneyWay Achieve Remarkable Outcomes. 

One Money Way, in just six months, has onboarded many clients with B4B. In addition, They have received 4.7 out of 5 excellent reviews for its fast onboarding and currency options on Trustpilot.  

“My future expectations are that OneMoneyWay and B4B Payments will grow together across Europe with the ambition of reaching the first 10,000 clients within 18 months,” says Oliver Bentzen, CEO of OneMoneyWay.

In summary, B4B is thrilled to solve SME pain points together with OneMoneyWay and so create a unique offering.

B4B Account Manager, Adam Bradford who looks after the relationship with OneMoneyWay added, “The partnership highlights how we can provide a fast-to-market solution for a new entrant to the fintech space. It allows them to build an effective platform connected to payments and card rails.”

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B4B Payments in France

B4B has a long history of providing payment services to the French market.


Back in 2016, when the B4B product was just over a year old, we joined forces with a French partner. They knew the market and our product and how it could help companies save time with their expense processes and manage the risk of funding employees on the road.

The situation

Over the following years, B4B grew a French portfolio which was heavily skewed towards the travel sector (though also transportation and charities).

Our cards are a perfect fit for the travel industry and, with competitive and transparent FX rates, help manage costs and risks associated with tour directors on the road around the globe.

In 2018 the partner decided to move on, and so B4B now manages its French portfolio directly. It has been an interesting few years! Firstly, the complexities of Brexit meant B4B had to re-sign all EU clients to our new EU entity in Lithuania – and then COVID disrupted most business but especially travel

The solution

Luckily, we have a robust EU infrastructure, and travel is back, hitting 2019 levels again. Also, at the end of 2022, B4B officially joined the Banking Circle ecosystem, meaning we can now offer our French clients direct payments to bank accounts

B4B’s products do resonate in France. Our French clients are looking for a card management system that is simple but comprehensive and pricing that is both fair and transparent. One of the advantages that B4B possesses is that we own the technology that powers our system in-house. This gives us maximum flexibility to enhance our product so that it can support our customers with their payments needs and also geographically.

For example, our portal is translated into French. The cardholder journey is in French. We have French-speaking account management and customer services. Together with Banking Circle, we are growing our on-the-ground infrastructure in France.

The benefits

Importantly, we have many years of experience onboarding French clients and understand some market peculiarities. Recently, B4B has signed some interesting and well-known French accounts (more info on this to come later!) and is looking to grow our presence in the coming years further.

Account Director Tim Robson and French Account Manager Anais Paingris went to Paris in April to meet with many old and new clients to understand the strengths of the product in France and how we can further enhance it moving forward. It was an informative visit and will help with the strategic growth of B4B in France.

B4B has a long history in France, and we’re excited to open a new chapter and grow the business in this significant market.

Tim Robson
Account Director, B4B Payments

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B4B Payments & MediHelp International

MediHelp International works with B4B cards to streamline the insurance claims process

About MediHelp

MediHelp International is a market leader in private health insurance offering premium service and support, and a wide range of private health insurance products for individuals and companies. 

With offices in Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Bulgaria, and with top medical partners, MediHelp International successfully combines international health insurance coverage with international medical assistance for the benefit of its clients.

For over 18 years, MediHelp has revolutionised the health insurance market by creating and developing unique solutions tailored to best serve its clients and partners.

The situation

The insurance claims process is not only lengthy and can cause stress for customers who are already dealing with the aftermath of an accident or disease, but it is also costly and inefficient, as it requires a large amount of manual work. 

After an unpleasant event, the people involved, and the insurance company want to return to normal as soon as possible without any delay during the claiming process.

Health insurance providers such as MediHelp are looking to streamline this process so that it is more efficient, and B4B Payments offer a simple and fast method of distributing funds that works for both Medihelp and their policyholders. 

Previously, Medihelp’s process was very labour intensive and, by using banks, expensive too. Customers had to manually fill in paper forms, which needed to be processed.

By utilising B4B’s system, Medihelp’s customers can be both pre-authorised for expenditure whilst taking advantage of a much slicker post-expenditure process. 

The solution

MediHelp was looking for a better solution for its customers to use their health insurance plan and B4B cards were the perfect answer.

B4B cards provide a hassle-free solution for customers navigating lengthy insurance claims procedures and unprecedented delays, with funds transferred easily, eliminating the stress of tedious paperwork and minimising waiting time. This can be particularly important when medical expenses have been approved.

“The onboarding process was not complicated with B4B. After we signed the contract, we were set up on the B4B system and received training on their platform and then we were ready to go!” says Laura Afrăsine, Medihelp’s Executive Manager. “Our customers are very happy that they are now able to pay for their medical costs with Medihelp’s funds using the virtual card installed in their wallet which can be linked to Apple or Google Pay.”

The benefits

By leveraging B4B solutions MediHelp International is setting itself apart with advanced features, cutting-edge innovation and superior customer service in order to remain on the leading edge of the competition while keeping customers happy and engaged.

Medihelp believes they differentiate itself from its competitors by leveraging the process innovation made available by B4B’s system. “The most significant achievement for our business was the recognition of our customers and the fact that we could come to them with a creative and innovative solution,” says Laura.

Medihelp is looking forward to working further with B4B in the future and extending the partnership into other countries and potentially, other currencies.

B4B Account Director says, “This is a good example of a successful partnership where B4B uses its technical expertise to solve a real-life process issue for the benefit of both the partner and their ultimate customers.”

Tim Robson

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B4B & Prizeshark

Prizeshark is a leading provider of loyalty and incentive programmes specialising in rewards, gifting platforms and prize fulfilment solutions.

About Prizeshark

Founded in 2004, the Prizeshark team has grown every year and now has more than 70 years of combined front-line experience.

They provide their 140+ clients with an end-to-end solution comprising planning and strategy, solution design and build, prize sourcing and fulfilment.

The situation

Prizeshark typically offers great experiences and prizes – for example, recently some lucky prize winners got to go to the US to see the set of the popular sitcom Friends and have dinner with a cast member. To meet the growing demand for cash rewards, Prizeshark partnered with B4B to offer customers a secure card payment solution. This lucrative collaboration opened up new opportunities and provides users with an unmatched reward experience.

The solution

Prizeshark and B4B Payments have worked together for several years, starting small and growing the relationship. The need for a cash payout programme meant that Prizeshark wanted a partner who had experience in administering large-scale fund distribution. 

Prizeshark finds that using B4B’s award-winning portal, combined with both virtual and physical card distribution, means that reward recipients get their funds quickly, safely and fully branded. Bulk card issuance and card loads are very important to Prizeshark so that they can manage large amounts of card recipients efficiently at the same time. B4B’s portal allows them the flexibility to do this and delight their customers.

“We have worked with B4B for some years now,” says James Kelly, Prizeshark commercial director. 

“The team at B4B are always responsive and we feel confident offering pay-out cards within our client offerings. We look forward to growing the relationship.” 

The benefits

B4B provides Mastercards, both virtual and branded plastic cards, to support reward programmes. Open loop cards, which are usable wherever Mastercard is accepted, are another option Prizeshark can offer their clients. Cardholders are free to spend their rewards in shops or online making the reward even more personal.

B4B Payments has watched the partnership grow over the years, “We work well together offering cash prizes and bonuses to businesses. I look forward to helping Prizeshark with this aspect of their business over the coming years.”

Tim Robson, Account Director

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B4B and Voly continue to grow strong in Partnership together

Voly, a Fintech provider for the Yacht and multi-assets industry, works with B4B Payments to provide a 360 financial solution to niche verticals.

About Voly

Voly is an award-winning fintech provider specialising in financial management for the yacht and multi-assets industry. Founded in 2016 and within a relatively short space of time, Voly has become the market-leading treasury financial management organisation used by superyacht owners, yacht management companies and family offices globally.

The situation

Voly provides an all-in-one expense management solution for both the yacht industry and – more recently – the music industry. Using their deep understanding of the necessity to manage expenses, Voly designed a bespoke system to enable superyacht owners and yacht management companies to manage the outgoings. The lessons learnt from this have been transferred to the music industry where management of the music tour finances is incredibly important.

B4B’s payment rails and cards fit in seamlessly with Voly’s product offering. Each Voly client can make low-cost and easy-to-use payments as well as distribute branded Mastercard prepaid cards on the yachts for in-cruise expenses.

The solution

By leveraging B4B trusted card issuing and payment platform, Voly focuses on developing the advanced features and innovations that make them unique, with the confidence that the basics are taken care of via a robust, established, and secure technology platform.

B4B and Voly have developed their partnership over several years. The two companies together provide a 360 financial solution to niche verticals that have been underserved in the past. Using Voly’s core accountancy product and B4B’s payments knowledge, the two have built a powerful partnership. Initially, this joint offering was used in the yachting world where tracking expenditure can sometimes be difficult. This has now been extended to Voly’s new venture in the music industry for managing artists and music tours where tracking expenditure is also difficult. The partnership has also developed from a card-based solution to a complete payment offering for Voly’s international clientele.

The benefits

The partnership between Voly & B4B has been hugely successful due to the deep understanding of each other’s business needs. The financial services landscape has changed significantly since we first started working together but both companies are committed to staying at the forefront of our industries. We have worked hard to adapt and evolve our offerings to ensure our clients have the best available solution.

Voly’s collaboration with B4B has been a great success. B4B understands our product and the industries in which we provide financial management services. In working with B4B, we have built a relationship that provides a market-leading treasury management solution for the yachting and music space. It was definitely a learning experience for both parties to begin with, but one which has gone from strength to strength over the years and we look forward to continued growth and collaboration with B4B.

Ian Flanagan – Voly Group Founder & CEO 

To find out more, contact us today!

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B4B supports ‘Patientprimary’ with a digital expense solution

Patientprimary, a division of mdgroup, works with B4B Payments to provide swift and easy expense reimbursement to support clinical trial participation.

About Patientprimary

Patientprimary, division of mdgroup, facilitates remarkable patient experiences at every stage of the clinical journey. Powered by next-generation care management tools and technologies, their solutions focus on the four key metrics of a successful clinical trial: recruitment, engagement, retention, and trial outcomes.

The situation

When founded in 2017, Patientprimary supported rare trials with ultra-hard-to-find participants. That all changed in 2020 as governments and research centres provided additional support to get patients to trial fast. Patientprimary responded by widening its reach to support trials for less rare diseases. With global reporting on the high-profile vaccine and COVID treatment trials throwing the clinical research process into the spotlight, there was increased interest and an uptick in people signing up to participate. Between 2020 and 2021, there were over 20,000 clinical trials in the US alone.

With increased participant numbers come more opportunities to develop life-changing treatments, but increased scale also brings a need for innovation to ensure that trials continue to run smoothly and efficiently. Delays in the reimbursement of expenses incurred, for example travelling to clinics, can lead to participants having a negative experience, which can often result in them not completing the trial.  Like many industries, the clinical research industry has had to look to digital technologies to deliver trials at an increased scale while maintaining safe working practices in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The solution

The global clinical trials market is expected to grow at a rate of 5.7% annually until 2028. An essential aspect of clinical trials is keeping participants engaged and appropriately reimbursed for expenses incurred. Card-based reward schemes can offer participants immediate return on their contributions and the ability to spend in millions of locations worldwide.

Patientprimary seamlessly used B4B’s programme to distribute funds to participants in a wide range of countries using GBP, EUR or USD cards. The ease of use for both the clinics and participants as a method of reimbursing trial participants improves the trial experience and crucially increases the retention in follow-ups, reducing the need to recruit additional participants. In addition to reimbursing participants, they supported participants who were incurring significant costs travelling from home by preloading the card ahead of time to support them along their journey. 

Our card-based reward programme also encouraged ongoing engagement by offering instant compensation for completing tasks such as diary entries, meaning that researchers can ensure that data is gathered promptly and that participants are kept engaged for the duration of the trial, improving data quality. Our iOS and Android app allows cardholders to view their balance and transactions and upload photo expense receipts where required, with the latest biometric login features for the highest levels of cardholder security. 

The benefits

‘’B4B payments’ innovative solutions offered an effective method of reimbursing and compensating trial participants, increasing the likelihood of compliance and of attendance at follow-up visits, and potential participation in follow-up and future trials.’’

Our card solutions paired with Patientprimary services and processes, eliminated the need for trial participants to pay up-front and apply for reimbursement, encouraged ongoing compliance by offering instant rewards with a card-based reward scheme and ensured Patientprimary will be kept in front of mind for returning participants with our fully branded card solution.

B4B played a vital part in supporting Patientprimary in their journey, helping to drive improved participation levels and maintaining smoother and more efficient processes.

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