Case Study - Outbound

Outbound has provided independent channel development and marketing services to global IT and technology companies since 1999.

Their success has been built on delivering measurable results for clients through targeted, strategic campaigns.

Outbound design and drive projects, then measure the results to give customers a clear return on investment.

Outbound clients include major brands such as HP, Lexmark and Microsoft.

Fast and flexible, while remaining compliant

B4B Payments partners with many of the UK's leading marketing agencies to provide payout solutions to their demanding clients.

In a fast-paced world where rewards are needed quickly but must comply with all applicable financial services legislation, we work with our agencies to understand their brief and select the right solution for their client.

We supply both plastic and virtual Mastercards.

Our agencies' clients who include some of the most well-known brands in the world, for instance, Dominos, DHL, ASOS, Lexmark, Suzuki and HP.

We have used B4B Payments across many projects with different clients - for example HP or Lexmark. The ability to create co-branded cards is a useful way of creating brand awareness for the client. The B4B system is easy to use and send money to clients
Claire King, Programme Manager, Outbound

Case Study - Dune London

Dune London is a leading retailer of affordable luxury footwear and accessories.

Founded in 1992 as a small concession in a lady's fashion store, and opening its first store on London's Kings Road in 1993, Dune has since rapidly expanded to over 250 outlets across the world.

Offering unique designs, premium customer service and an unparalleled combination of quality and fashion-forward trends, Dune is the go-to destination for both women and men.

Remove the risk of petty cash

Some of our clients with a large geographical footprint - for example retail chain The Dune Group - use B4B Payments to reward staff locally.

Cards are placed in each store and funds can be allocated to the branches as needed - for rewards, staff parties etc.

In this way, B4B helps retailers and restaurateurs eliminate the risks of petty cash usage.

As a retail group, our staff are dispersed all around the UK and other countries. We've used B4B Payments for several years to provide Mastercards to our local stores so they can organise a great local Christmas party.
Francesca Lascelles, Senior Retail Operations Coordinator, Dune London

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