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TBT Marketing Use Virtual Prepaid Cards to Deliver Sustainable Incentives

B2B marketing agency, TBT Marketing have swapped the stress of sending out physical incentive rewards for a slick virtual card solution.

In the process, they’ve enhanced the service they’re able to offer their clients and moved closer to their goal of achieving a net zero carbon footprint.

The company

TBT Marketing is an independent B2B marketing agency based in the South West of the UK. They are offering a range of imaginative and collaborative marketing services to a staple of high-profile blue chip IT clients. TBT is passionate about driving carbon neutral behaviours in B2B marketing and the wider community, with their Future Focused approach and a goal of reaching a net zero carbon footprint by 2025.

The situation

TBT regularly runs sales enablement giveaways and channel incentives on behalf of their clients. While the incentives worked well, the team were keen to streamline their processes for sending out prizes, and to identify a sustainable alternative to shipping physical items via post.

We used to send out physical prizes vis online retailers. However, we were concerned that these prizes might not be a great fit for their recipients, and they might prefer to choose their own. We also wanted to get away from the admin of sorting physical prizes, particularly the shipping – we deal with clients worldwide, and it can be difficult to get gifts to people in certain countries. Looking at the bigger picture too, we’re always on the hunt for greener, more future focussed ideas for our clients to make sure that our work is good for us, good for them and good for the planet.

Freya Jewell, Account Manager at TBT Marketing

Last year, B4B delivered its first eco-friendly card solution, made from recycled PVC. The environmentally friendly card material made from 76% recycled post-industrial waste, has helped B4B Payments reduce the amount of plastic produced for its payment cards every year. Overall, creating a sustainable payment solution to corporate clients that will help reduce its contribution to climate change.

The solution

After researching a range of potential options, TBT Marketing chose B4B Payments’ prepaid cards as their preferred reward for client incentives.

We looked at online voucher options but struggled to find a card which would work across the world. We needed something versatile, and there wasn’t a voucher that fit the bill. Incentive winners can use prepaid cards to buy whatever gift they want, and virtual cards also mean there isn’t anything physical going out which is much more eco-friendly. We’ve also used B4B Payments’ sustainable physical cards for some clients.

Freya Jewell, Account Manager at TBT Marketing

Working as a reseller, TBT provide prepaid cards to their clients for incentives, managing the card issuing and loading process for them via their own embedded finance solution and making prepaid card incentives a valuable part of their service proposition. With a central management platform, they’re able to instantly issue virtual cards via email, or have sustainable physical cards, made from recycled plastic, posted to customers’ addresses.

We can easily brand the virtual cards with client logos or campaign graphics to match the incentive, and we have a single form to get information from the winners, and we can input that into the system and create an account for them.

Freya Jewell, Account Manager at TBT Marketing
The benefits

Since partnering with B4B Payments, prepaid cards have become one of TBT Marketing’s preferred option for incentives and giveaways.

It’s my go-to reward item rather than anything physical, the card fees are easily outweighed by the time savings compared to sending out physical prizes. It’s so simple, minimises admin, and customer get their reward instantly – no shipping, no waiting, no delays.

Freya Jewell, Account Manager at TBT Marketing

TBT have also seen the benefits of B4B Payments’ customer support, ensuring they’re able to deliver a seamless service to their clients.

The B4B team have been excellent. Whenever I’ve got questions, somebody will come back to me pretty much instantly, and the team have come up with a really quick solution when things haven’t been quite right. I’ve been super impressed.

Freya Jewell, Account Manager at TBT Marketing

It’s really important for us to drive sustainable growth, the TBT partnership is a great example of this.

Tim Robson, Account Director at B4B Payments

Whether you’re running your own staff incentives or looking for ways to add more value to your clients like TBT Marketing, B4B Payments’ prepaid cards are a simple, sustainable way to reward customers anywhere in the world. To find out more about using cards for incentives, or about partnering with us as a reseller, contact us today.