New name ‘better presents our expertise, focus and value’

5 Mar 2018

B4B Payments has been announced as the new name for Payment Card Solutions and Bread4Business.

The change is effective from 5 March 2018.

The continued success of the business along with its recent achievement of API (Authorised Payment Institute) status by the Financial Conduct Authority has created new and exciting opportunities for the team to deliver enhanced value to its clients. B4B Payments will be able to offer additional services including bill payments throughout Europe and currency exchanges to its wide-ranging customer base.

‘Given these exciting developments and the continuing growth of our corporate expenditure solutions,’ explained CEO Paul Swinton, ‘we felt it was time to choose a new name and branding that better presents our expertise, focus and value to clients and prospects.’

The PCS and Bread4Business web sites have been combined into There are no changes or disruption to any services including B4B and Bread4Scrap.

‘We are proud of what we have achieved for our clients over the past ten years,’ added Paul. ‘Our clients can rely on us to continually enhance our corporate expenditure solutions so we remain focused on delivering outstanding service and value.’

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