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B4B International Payments Support Travel Industries

The project, in simple terms

B4B Payments’ position as a leading multi-faceted payments system provider has enabled it to help several travel companies improve their payment systems. These systems have, in turn, had significant positive impacts on the respective business metrics. 

Seamless International Payments

AVEA LA POSTE is a French association offering summer camps for children and teenagers aged 4-17 in France and abroad during all school holidays. 

By adopting B4B’s international payments service, AVEA LA POSTE can 

  • reserve hotels and accommodations faster
  • book activities and other services for the camp stay abroad more efficiently

These are critical benefits for parents/guardians, such as being able to arrange the trip with minimal fuss, as they have other things to worry about. A complex purchasing process can also be a barrier to conversion, leading to a loss of market share and a drop in success metrics. 

Enhancing Efficiency and Cost Savings

B4B integrated a payment service into Avea La Poste’s systems. As a result, AVEA LA POSTE can now send international transfers in a fraction of the time it used to when using their traditional French bank. 

Now, AVEA LA POSTE can avoid the following issues when using their traditional bank, including:

  • The FX rate is the day’s rate, but when the payment is made and accepted, not when they make the request.
  • Also, the minimum is ten days, even longer sometimes, to make the payments.
  • If it’s not accepted, the transfer is sent back to AVEA, and they must restart the process. 
  • Pay commissions on top of the fees.

AVEA LA POSTE has been with B4B since 2018, benefiting from various international payment options, including faster payments, CHAPS, SEPA, SWIFT, and US ACH with 25 currencies. Notably, Faster Payments offer instant transactions, and SWIFT payments are cheaper and take a maximum of 4-5 days. 

‘We can now send our international transfers more easily, quickly and economically than with our French bank,’ says the AVEA LA POSTE accounting team.

Account Director Tim Robson and B4B French account manager Anais Paingris visited AVEA LA POSTE  in Paris last summer to discuss how we have been supporting them.