Corporate expense management with prepaid cards

Corporate expense management– the easy way

Use branded, prepaid company cards for a simple and flexible way to keep track of where your money’s being spent and on what.


Imagine being able to control:
  • Your month and year end accounting, knowing that you’ve got a total record of your corporate card spending (available in real time 24/7) but without having to be ‘hands-on’ – unless you want to!
  • How much your employees can spend and what on, so that when you need to re-invest in your company, you’ll know the money is there
  • All your external costs, knowing that you’ll spot any opportunities to save on your outgoings
  • A simplified expense management process by not relying on employees using personal funds and reclaiming
  • Access to a digital management platform, stopping you drowning in paperwork and receipts
  • And, most importantly, the most valuable asset of all: your time

All your corporate expenses, streamlined into one single platform.


Stop leaking money and unlock your company’s true profits.


See exactly when your money’s being spent, and get a bird’s eye view with our detailed reporting.

We’re here to make your life easier, and to free up your time so it can be used on the work that matters.


View all your expenses in real time when they’re made. Every month, you’ll know exactly what your expense accounts look like. Minimising any worry at the end of the year.

None of this involves having to micro-manage your spending; it’ll all be taken care of on B4B’s secure platform. Know that every penny your business spends is being re-invested in the right way; towards growing your company!

Our solutions could save you millions of pounds each year – maybe more.

Our prepaid business cards mean you can track every single one of your corporate expenses, and get full, detailed reports on exactly where your money’s going.


You can see exactly where your money’s being spent as it’s happening, the ultimate risk management tool. No need worry about excess spending or potential fraud.

Detailed expense reports

See every single penny that your employees have spent and where.


Control the parameters yourself. By removing spend on personal cards, you’re in control. You decide how much employees can spend, and what they can use their expenses for.

Contactless PAYMENTS

From both a company and employee perspective, empowering a workforce with prepaid cards is a convenient, safe, and easy way to manage business payments.

Seamless integration with Sage, Concur and Xero

Our corporate expense cards are with Mastercard, one of the world’s most trusted card providers, and are accepted all over the world.

Connect your accounting system to B4B platform


move over pretty cash, make room for prepaid cards

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