Key features

Unleash Your Brand


Choosing a B4B prepaid card gives you a unique opportunity to showcase your brand. A stunning design will help promote your brand and create a positive association with your company every time your cards are used. For a seamless user experience, we also create a cardholder platform and unique landing page featuring your brand.

Bespoke branding is available when ordering 200 cards or more. If you would like to test the market before launching your own brand cards, use B4B blue cards that have no minimum order and upgrade later.


Your Platform

  • Issue and activate cards
  • Load cards individually or in bulk 24/7
  • Unload and block cards
  • Generate reports
  • View real-time float statements, card loads and transactions
  • Manage expenses including creating job codes, accounting categories, office locations and departments
  • Automatically top-up cards to a defined level every day
  • Switch off ATM use and online transactions
  • Perform electronic Know Your Customer (KYC) checks

Introducing the NEW B4B Payments App


The new B4B app combines all of the flexibility of the current online platform, with super easy access to the cardholder portal and other new time-saving features for you and your team.

New features also include:

• Real-time SMS notifications on purchases prompting for receipt

• Increased security using biometric login

Already a B4B client or cardholder?

The B4B app is available to download on both the Apple and Android app stores. No need for lengthy activation process.

Get started in seconds with three steps!

1: Download the app.

2: Login with your current username.

3: Accept Biometrics (or not.) And you’re in!

Virtual Cards


Virtual cards are a cost-effective alternative to physical cards for online payments. Virtual cards are ideal for departments such as Procurement that purchase airline tickets or other online services. 

You can create virtual cards for instant use via the B4B management platform. Once the card has been activated, the cardholder receives an email with login details where an image of the card with the 16-digit card number, expiry date and CVV number is available.

If required, our virtual cards can be easily integrated into your current systems using our rich API suite.


Currency & Distribution

Currency choice

B4B prepaid cards give you currency flexibility with the ability to utilise GBP, EUR, and USD

Distribution options

We can supply any number of cards you need from as few as ten to many thousands. Deliver cards directly to your cardholder’s home, your office or multiple locations where stock can be held and issued instantly when required.



Security is of paramount importance. You will receive unique login details for the B4B secure platform that will enable access only via your company’s fixed IP address. For extra flexibility, we can set up a VPN address that will enable you to access your account from any location. For added security, your float funds are held in a ring-fenced client funds account.

To reduce the opportunity for fraud, our management platform runs know your customer (KYC) checks to verify the identity of individuals before cards are issued. Alternatively, you can provide recipients’ details directly to us, if you wish.


Integrate B4B

B4B guarantee seamless integration with Sage, Concur and Xero. You’ll be able to slot it right in with your existing payment processors. Our corporate expense cards are with Mastercard, one of the world’s most trusted card providers, and are accepted all over the world.

Go cashless. Ready to save time and money with prepaid business cards?


If you have any issues or queries relating to your prepaid card, please call customer services using these details.

+44 20 3475 5351 (Europe)

+1 604 200 0554 (North America)