The simple way to manage your consumer credit business

Eliminating the need for cash can streamline your business and increase operational efficiency

Imagine a world without cash

Cash can cause so many problems for consumer credit companies. It’s a headache to administer and audit, is open to fraud and can be expensive to manage.

Prepaid cards solve problems facing cash heavy businesses

Easily distribute funds on prepaid cards that can be used anywhere in the world that accepts payment by Mastercard

Replace petty cash and eliminate the burden of carrying or storing cash

Reloadable cards eliminate the need for any repeat face to face visits

Strengthen company profile with branded cards tailored to you

Powerful tools to automate and simplify receipt management

Why choose B4B Payments?

We have been enabling many types of business to eliminate inefficient cash-based expenses systems for five years. The savings, efficiencies and other benefits we deliver has resulted in our solution receiving many industry awards including the Best Prepaid Product of the Year at the prestigious Card & Payments Awards 2019

Extra benefits

Option to brand your cards
Load & monitor cards in real time
Safe & secure

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