Corporate Expenses

It’s time to say goodbye to inefficient systems that waste time and money

B4B is an innovation in corporate expense management. We simplify and automate the entire outbound payment process, including seamless integration with Sage, Concur and Xero. Both expense submission and management oversight are streamlined with outstanding reporting capabilities that mean you can take real control.

Track efficiency of employee spending, find errors and identify fraud. Ensure policy and regulatory compliance. Reduce financial losses through unclaimed or repaid VAT.

B4B can optimise the performance of your people, processes and finances.

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Automate the entire corporate expenses process
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Analyse and control of employee spend
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Real-time transaction monitoring and smart reporting

Real-time transaction monitoring

Real-time monitoring offers enhanced security protecting your business transactions from potential fraud. If you notice any suspicious activity on employee spend immediately investigate and take appropriate action.

Create authorisation rules to control spend

Set parameters that enable you to control when, where and how your cards are used.

Track employee spending

See exactly where card spends have taken place and the value of each transaction. Monitor activity by individual, group or transaction type.

Categorise card transactions

Set up bespoke job codes and accounting categories that align with your internal accounting system. Employees can add a job description or mileage to every transaction.

Never lose a VAT receipt again. Photograph receipts and upload them straight from a smartphone.

Receipts 01
View your statement, scroll right and tap 'Upload receipt'
Receipts 02
Click 'browse' and take a photo with one touch
Receipts 03
Take a photo of your VAT receipt or invoice
Receipts 04
Add a job code or accounting category and tap 'Upload'

Download reports for Excel


Download smart reports (Excel, PDF or CSV) to integrate seamlessly into your accounting workflow.

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