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B4B prepaid cards are the perfect choice for your tenant reward schemes

The pandemic has shaken economies around the world and communities across the UK

People have lost their jobs, housing association spend per home has declined and both tenants and landlords have faced extreme financial hardship. According to Inside Housing, rent arrears in the social housing sector peaked £1bn at the end of 2021. The rising cost of living has also been a contributing factor to these statistics. 

Landlords are facing increased operating costs against a backdrop of complex challenges. We are working closely with our members and the wider sector to contextualise the impact of the pandemic and provide the on-time insight and forecasts they need to take mitigating action with confidence.

Chief Executive of HouseMark, Laurice Ponting

These financial challenges have contributed to broken rental agreements and in some cases less upkeep of property, ultimately costing Housing Associations extra time and money.

Give a little back

One solution that can ease this problem is by introducing a reward scheme using our prepaid card, simply to give back and say thanks. The scheme can help encourage good behaviour and loyalty, boost community involvement and more. It’s up to you how and why you want to reward your tenants, maybe they are up to date with rent payments, keep their property clean and tidy or have been a good neighbour.  

Our prepaid cards are suitable for any type of rewards and can be topped up at any time and every penny will be recorded. With the ability to issue cards as closed-loop or open-loop, you can tailor your offering to suit your tenants needs.

Our offering

Depending on your minimum order, we can add your branding to our cards. Tenants can keep this card in their wallet/purse, and each time they make a payment it will create a positive association with your company.

There are also many other features to our cards including:

  • Load money on cards in bulk or individually on your management platform
  • View real-time float statements and transactions
  • B4B app features real-time SMS notifications

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