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B4B & Prizeshark

Prizeshark is a leading provider of loyalty and incentive programmes specialising in rewards, gifting platforms and prize fulfilment solutions.

About Prizeshark

Founded in 2004, the Prizeshark team has grown every year and now has more than 70 years of combined front-line experience.

They provide their 140+ clients with an end-to-end solution comprising planning and strategy, solution design and build, prize sourcing and fulfilment.

The situation

Prizeshark typically offers great experiences and prizes – for example, recently some lucky prize winners got to go to the US to see the set of the popular sitcom Friends and have dinner with a cast member. To meet the growing demand for cash rewards, Prizeshark partnered with B4B to offer customers a secure card payment solution. This lucrative collaboration opened up new opportunities and provides users with an unmatched reward experience.

The solution

Prizeshark and B4B Payments have worked together for several years, starting small and growing the relationship. The need for a cash payout programme meant that Prizeshark wanted a partner who had experience in administering large-scale fund distribution. 

Prizeshark finds that using B4B’s award-winning portal, combined with both virtual and physical card distribution, means that reward recipients get their funds quickly, safely and fully branded. Bulk card issuance and card loads are very important to Prizeshark so that they can manage large amounts of card recipients efficiently at the same time. B4B’s portal allows them the flexibility to do this and delight their customers.

“We have worked with B4B for some years now,” says James Kelly, Prizeshark commercial director. 

“The team at B4B are always responsive and we feel confident offering pay-out cards within our client offerings. We look forward to growing the relationship.” 

The benefits

B4B provides Mastercards, both virtual and branded plastic cards, to support reward programmes. Open loop cards, which are usable wherever Mastercard is accepted, are another option Prizeshark can offer their clients. Cardholders are free to spend their rewards in shops or online making the reward even more personal.

B4B Payments has watched the partnership grow over the years, “We work well together offering cash prizes and bonuses to businesses. I look forward to helping Prizeshark with this aspect of their business over the coming years.”

Tim Robson, Account Director