A better way to pay. End time consuming payment methods for payroll and payouts.

The better way to pay. Period.

End impractical and time consuming payment methods for payroll and payouts, so you can get to work on what really matters.


B4B prepaid third-party payout cards are perfect for:
  • Seasonal workers
  • Temporary staff
  • Remote workers
  • Unbanked employees
  • Affiliates
  • Contractors
  • Volunteers


B4B has created a flexible prepaid card solution which saves money on handling costs and fees associated with traditional payroll processes.

Our innovative method can be particularly useful for businesses with temporary or short-term staff so that you, as a business owner, can meet the demands of your changing workforce and not be held back by limited resources. Our cards can be used for GBP, EUR, and USD currencies to create a bespoke experience for you.


Our prepaid cards can be delivered to your office or even directly to cardholders’ homes if you prefer. We also offer the option to bulk order so that you can issue them directly to your employees at a time of your choosing. Be in complete control by using our secure online management platform and put your business’s payroll in your hands.


Be seen everywhere with personalised cards using your business logo or image.


The B4B prepaid cards can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, purchasing online or in store at millions of locations worldwide.


The processing costs associated with traditional paper payment methods can be expensive, so we’ve made sure that you’re free from the burden of these costs by eradicating load fees from our prepaid cards.

Contactless PAYMENTS

From both a company and employee perspective, empowering a workforce with prepaid cards is a convenient, safe, and easy way to manage business payments.


Employees can view their balance and transactions at any time using our app and receive a text alerts when a payment has been made into their account.

move over pretty cash, make room for prepaid cards

It is time to move on from petty cash

Petty cash is an antiquated headache, and now is the perfect time to go cashless, by exchanging your petty cash box for a smarter way to make payouts.