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UWL student completes internship programme with B4B Payments

Jenny highlights her incredible experience as an intern at B4B Payments

About Jenny Sherpa

Jenny is an ambitious and engaging entrepreneur who is currently studying International Business at University of West London in her final year. She has experience working in the Financial Services, IT Services and Insurance industries, giving her a well-rounded background to innovate in the Entrepreneurial world. In 2018 she launched her own Textile start-up on top of that. But Jenny does not limit herself; she also indulges her passion for fashion, as well as taking a keen interest in Real Estate and the Fintech markets. With such an ambition and engaging spirit, there’s no telling what innovative ideas she will come up with next!

Account Management Department

Account Management Team and Jenny on a social outing

In the first 4 months, Jenny had an opportunity to experience the London-based Account Management team up close and personal. Through face-to-face training, she was able to gain a comprehensive understanding of their roles and working styles. She took part in numerous activities that honed her resourcefulness, like looking after small client accounts, sending emails and calling clients, preparing presentations for meetings and organising trips all while attending various events too.

Upon the end of her 4 months, Jenny gained a wealth of new skills. She developed proficiency with Zoho CRM for emailing, creativity with Powerpoint for presentations, as well as obtaining knowledge from the Data Warehouse to produce reporting – enhancing her analytical acumen. Additionally, she strengthened her communication skills giving her great confidence going forward.

Marketing Department

Jenny engaged in a stimulating 3 months at the company’s Marketing department, gaining an invaluable learning experience. Under the guidance of the Marketing Manager, she learnt new skills that included crafting captions for social media campaigns, preparing email communications for clients, conducting market research as well as liaising with event organisers for Money 20/20.

At the end of her three months, she came away having gained an abundance of knowledge. She was able to further develop her marketing skills, learning new platforms such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Canva and Jaspa, and honing her already existing skills in terms of being more on the go, creatively engaging with language and researching for marketing purposes.

Sales Department

Jenny at the Luxury Travel Fair

Jenny was eager to begin her journey in the Sales department, and the Chief Commercial Officer’s guidance on the first couple of weeks provided valuable insight. Jenny initially received 1-1 training from all the Business Development Managers and had the opportunity to observe prospect calls where she learnt more about negotiation techniques. She quickly familiarised herself with her role as a ‘Sales associate’, engaging in activities such as cold calling, emailing potential prospects, extracting data reports, and attending events. Jenny’s enthusiasm and dedication to these tasks proved to be beneficial for one of the Christmas campaigns she was involved in at the time – her efforts yielded a considerable number of leads that proved fundamental to the business.

After 3 months of hard work, she emerged a more engaging communicator. Her newfound confidence lent itself to tailoring her emails and calls to fit a more sales-driven approach. She even became adept at dealing with rejections in the course of cold calls and other situations where she received no response. In short, her communication skills were vastly improved due to her diligent training over the previous months!

The end of her internship at B4B Payments

B4B at the UWL Careers Fair

Overall, her experience was a rewarding one in every sense of the word; she gained valuable knowledge from attending events and socialising with people from different vocations. By far the most engaging aspect was that everyone at B4B made her feel as though she were truly part of their family; appreciated for the work she put in and making a difference. It was evident that this internship allowed her to get an exclusive peek into what operations at financial services would be like, a great starting point to head into real-world roles!

We’re so pleased to announce that Jenny Lama has completed her internship with B4B Payments. Jenny came to us last year from her studies at The University of West London as our first ever intern. Over the last year, Jenny has spent time in Account Management, Marketing and Sales where she has been working with the various teams and learning all about the business from different aspects.

We’ll miss Jenny’s smiling face in the office but we know she’ll make a success of whatever she chooses to do in life. B4B will be looking for a new intern in September.

B4B Account Director and Jenny’s Sponsor, Tim Robson

Applications for the internship programme will start in July 2023! In the mean time, if you have any questions please email

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B4B and Voly continue to grow strong in Partnership together

Voly, a Fintech provider for the Yacht and multi-assets industry, works with B4B Payments to provide a 360 financial solution to niche verticals.

About Voly

Voly is an award-winning fintech provider specialising in financial management for the yacht and multi-assets industry. Founded in 2016 and within a relatively short space of time, Voly has become the market-leading treasury financial management organisation used by superyacht owners, yacht management companies and family offices globally.

The situation

Voly provides an all-in-one expense management solution for both the yacht industry and – more recently – the music industry. Using their deep understanding of the necessity to manage expenses, Voly designed a bespoke system to enable superyacht owners and yacht management companies to manage the outgoings. The lessons learnt from this have been transferred to the music industry where management of the music tour finances is incredibly important.

B4B’s payment rails and cards fit in seamlessly with Voly’s product offering. Each Voly client can make low-cost and easy-to-use payments as well as distribute branded Mastercard prepaid cards on the yachts for in-cruise expenses.

The solution

By leveraging B4B trusted card issuing and payment platform, Voly focuses on developing the advanced features and innovations that make them unique, with the confidence that the basics are taken care of via a robust, established, and secure technology platform.

B4B and Voly have developed their partnership over several years. The two companies together provide a 360 financial solution to niche verticals that have been underserved in the past. Using Voly’s core accountancy product and B4B’s payments knowledge, the two have built a powerful partnership. Initially, this joint offering was used in the yachting world where tracking expenditure can sometimes be difficult. This has now been extended to Voly’s new venture in the music industry for managing artists and music tours where tracking expenditure is also difficult. The partnership has also developed from a card-based solution to a complete payment offering for Voly’s international clientele.

The benefits

The partnership between Voly & B4B has been hugely successful due to the deep understanding of each other’s business needs. The financial services landscape has changed significantly since we first started working together but both companies are committed to staying at the forefront of our industries. We have worked hard to adapt and evolve our offerings to ensure our clients have the best available solution.

Voly’s collaboration with B4B has been a great success. B4B understands our product and the industries in which we provide financial management services. In working with B4B, we have built a relationship that provides a market-leading treasury management solution for the yachting and music space. It was definitely a learning experience for both parties to begin with, but one which has gone from strength to strength over the years and we look forward to continued growth and collaboration with B4B.

Ian Flanagan – Voly Group Founder & CEO 

To find out more, contact us today!